Rental property owners, tenants & tradesman throughout  Invercargill have had great success with Coopsvilles Property Management Ltd. We’re proud to be able to share with you a few of their compliments about our services.

Over the past seven years we have been working in conjunction with Anita Cooper doing her heating and plumbing/drainage work on her rental properties. Anita is an honest, straight forward person that insists upon a top professional job being done in a timely fashion. She checks that all work is completed as instructed and if she is happy with the standard, payment of account is made promptly.

We value the working relationship that we have with Anita and look forward to it continuing.

Richard Graves

We hired Anita to be our property manager in May 2013.  She took the property over from another company  which  we weren’t satisfied with.  We found her service very professional, she first assessed the property for us and gave us some recommendations of what to do to the property to make it more appealing and  did all the work for us. We gave her permission to use photos of the ground work she did on our property.  I have to say the job was better than we imagined.

We couldn’t be any more thrilled with the tenants she chose for our rental property in Otatara, We now have it rented for the year and we are getting  an excellent  rent return.  If you are a Landlord looking for a property manager I can definitely recommend Anita for the job she made it such an easy procedure.
Thelma Buck

During our tenancy of 2 ½ years Anita has been our property manager,  we found Anita to be organised and punctual. Anita had just taken over from another  company. At the time of our first meeting  Anita was cleaning up the property we were interested in and ended up moving into . We have to say we didn’t realise property managers did that part of it but we directly benefited from her hard work.

She was the best we had out of all our  managers we had in our rental days, plus the bonus gift annually we got for being good tenants was appreciated.
Don and Jess 2008-2011

Throughout our tenancy, we have always found Anita to be highly efficient, reliable and well organised. We have seen first-hand how Anita holds an excellent business relationship with various trades people that she hires in. We have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Anita in the area of Property Management, as she always does what is best for the property and the tenants.
Danny and Terina 2009-2011

Anita gives sufficient time for inspections to be done she is a very open and straight forward Property Manager. Anita has been our manager for 2 years now, every year of our anniversary as tenants we receive a thank you gift  for taking good care of the property. We have never experienced that from any Property Manager before via a landlord.
Noalene and Etienne 2011-still current

When I was approached by Anita in June 2013 for a reference for her website as one of her past tenants under her management I was more than happy to oblige. Anita was fast at resolving any issues we had, Anita made sure any contractors that needed to come on the property fitted in with our busy lifestyle. It was the best rental experience we’ve had so far and we can only hope we continue to have  managers who are as reasonable and helpful as her.
Amelia C

We have started renting a property through Anita Cooper recently and are VERY impressed with her service. She is very professional and thorough,She does her utmost best to make you feel at home and is quick to respond on any issues brought up.

The couple of issues and small repairs we had were dealt with  immediately.

A truly A+++ agent and she didn’t charge a letting fee!
Friso & Sandra 2013 current


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