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If you would like to apply for a property with Coopsvilles Property management or you would like your name added to our client list please fill out a tenant application form and we will keep your information on file for up and coming properties that become available.

Getting started:  Found  a property that  suits you here.

Fill out the tenancy application and submit directly to us or download and fill at your convenience.

Answer all the questions on tenancy application form. If we have insufficient information, your application can’t be considered.

LETTING FEE: As of the 5th August 2015 we will be charging a standard letting fee of one weeks rent.

RENT IN ADVANCE:  The amount of rent in advance depends upon how often you will pay your rent. So this is determined by how often your employer pays you weekly or fortnightly etc.  Refer to some of our links down below for more detailed answers.

BOND:  Under The Residential Tenancies Act 1986, Landlords and their Agent may request up to FOUR WEEKS RENT as Bond.  The Bond is collected from you and upon signing your bond form, the funds are sent to the Tenancy Services Trust Account to be held in trust until the end of our tenancy.

We will check the following: Your rental history, your current employment, credit check, referees. We will check for any previous applications made to mediation and to tenancy tribunal.

rental agreement form

Successful applicant process and agreements: upon confirmation of your tenancy being approved. All costs must be paid in full prior to starting a tenancy with Coopsvilles Property Management. Read all terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement & Bond-do not hesitate to ask if you think there is a mistake in the contract prior to signing.  Then sign the forms , pay  your bond and rent in advance and then its welcome to your new home with your move in date set and noted in your tenancy agreement a pre inspection appointment is made.

Pre inspection with a new tenant:  A pre inspection must be completed on or prior to the date you move in.  The purpose of this inspection is to confirm the condition of the property at the start of your tenancy.  We note any marks on walls, carpets or any other damage of concern that requires detailing on the inspection report and photos are also taken. A full copy will be supplied to you. You receive your full set of keys from your Property manager.

Useful links:

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Tenancy Services – call 0800 TENANCY (0800 83 62 62)

For inquiries regarding tenancy bonds, call the Service Centre: 0800 737 666


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