Anita Cooper is passionate about property Management. Experience in this field has developed over fifteen years and is based on preventative measures, active communication and realistic expectations of all she encounters on a daily basis. She chooses transparency, professionalism and working smart. Her style is delivered in a strict but fair fashion.

Owning five businesses between 1989 and 2001, Anita has a firm understanding of prioritising and time management to ensure positive outcomes for all parties concerned. She remains a proactive Landlord to this day with the same tenants in place. This is evident that a thorough and successful selection process for the perfect tenant is firmly in place.

With her background knowledge in the budgeting and financial arena this has led to clients approaching Anita to assist with relevant information when opportunities were presented. Anita does her best to ensure her clients consider all their options before committing themselves and making sure they know what is required to meet their short or long term goals.
Anitas’ client base appreciate Anitas’ ability to easily assess situations and present appropriate options and solutions. Relationships with contractors and other external parties are based on professionalism, integrity and efficiency. Given all the experience Anita has, her clients know that she has excellent negotiating skills required when engaging with contractors.

In 2006 Anita purchased three rental properties which required extensive renovation. These renovations were done by Anita, it was done in a highly organised strategic manner, so that qualified contractors were only needed to complete tasks that required a code of compliance. Final presentation was to a high standard. This represents a realistic attitude towards good value of service to both client and tenant alike. Anita is a woman with an experienced eye to renovate and will project manage efficiently. She will put her hand to any aspect of the task and supervise contractors until completion.

She remains a member of the Southland Property Investors Association since 2009. At this time she volunteered for Jubilee budget advisory service, which resulted in certification to be an accredited budget advisor in 2010. In tandem she balanced account management with another private company and her Jubilee obligations.

Moving along to 2013 Anita decided it was time for her to do what she loved and that meant starting her own Property Management business with her unique spin on it. Anita has kept her ear to the ground. She has been listening to both landlord and tenant and in doing that this is how she came about her concept of what Property Management should be about.
Anita is born and bred in Invercargill so a true Southlander at heart. She’s is Mother to 3 children  and grandmother to three gorgeous granddaughters. She’s a hard worker and doesn’t understand the concept of slowing down anytime soon. Anything’s possible when you think outside the square is just one of her mottos.

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