Our overall goal as a property management company is to provide personalised and professional services to both landlords and tenants. To accomplish this goal, we constantly strive to balance the tenants’ wish for high quality, well-maintained housing, and with the owners’ need to maximize on their investment, while reducing risk and liability. We do this by building strong relationships, implementing effective marketing , and following consistent and proven systems throughout every facet of our business. We strive to stay on top of market changes and industry trends through continuing education, on-going market analysis and adaptation as needs dictate.

We work very hard to earn your business, and we will work very hard to keep it. In fact, if we are not partners in a win-win relationship, we feel you should be able to change with no hassles.

We are able to offer multiple services that can be very cost effective for your investment property. We utilise up-to-date marketing techniques available in the industry, affording your properties exposure to a wider market of renters. We monitor changing trends and legal issues to protect our clients’ interests.

Coopsvilles Property Management operates in strict compliance with the RTA 1986 and amendments. Before we offer a property for rent, we thoroughly inspect the property. We also advise our clients with recommendations that may be required, which also can help better their return investment. We have found that by offering a quality service to our clients, maintenance requests and complaints are minimized, while tenants’ retention and satisfaction are increased. There can be a large difference between management companies when you consider attention to detail and maintenance costs. Our experience has shown that maintenance issues addressed early prevent more serious and costly property damage from occurring later, thereby keeping your long term cost lower and maximizing profit.

It is impossible to predict exactly how long it will take to find a suitable tenant for your property. A number of factors are involved, from the location and overall condition and quality of your property;the type of property, whether it is a townhouse or a townhouse unit can sometimes make a difference when potential tenants are viewing, the rent, relative to that of comparable properties; and the time of year these are crucial elements in effective marketing. However, if the market time for renting is generally good, then landlords can usually expect to have tenants in place within 3-6 weeks from the point the property is “Rent Ready” if not sooner.

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